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Add on: fluentd

Homepage: https://www.fluentd.org/
Supported arch: amd64

Enabling this addon will add Elasticsearch, Fluentd and Kibana (the EFK stack) to MicroK8s. The components will be installed and connected together.

To enable the addon:

microk8s enable fluentd

To access the Kibana dashboard on a v1.21 or newer cluster, point your browser at after forwarding the kibana-logging port:

microk8s.kubectl port-forward -n kube-system service/kibana-logging 8181:5601

On a cluster prior to v1.21 you should first start the kube proxy service:

microk8s kubectl proxy

The dashboard should be available at:

Note that you will still need to set up Kibana to track whatever you are
interested in. For more details see the official Kibana documentation.

The addon can be disabled at any time with the command:

microk8s disable fluentd

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