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Get in touch

The team behind MicroK8s are keen to help and listen to your feedback.
There are a variety of ways to get in touch with suggestions, problems or just
to get involved.

Office Hours

Join us to discuss MicroK8s live online! For the upcoming schedule and more details,
please check out the MicroK8s meetup group.


Find us in #microk8s on the Kubernetes slack.


MicroK8s bugs are tracked in github.

Professional support

If you are looking for additional support, find out about Ubuntu Pro.

Canonical can also provide managed solutions for Kubernetes.


There are many different ways you can help out and contribute to MicroK8s. Here
are some of our favourites!


Try out the edge or candidate releases and be sure
to give us your feedback by filing bugs or telling us what is working
well via slack.


We welcome help with the docs, either by commenting or
making edits and additions to the current pages.


If you want to contribute to the code – maybe you have a great
idea for an add-on or want to squash some pernicious bugs – please
take a look at the documentation for building the microk8s snap.


For more details of our community commitments, please see the Community page

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