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MicroK8s Explanation

Our explanatory and conceptual guides are written to provide a better understanding of how MicroK8s works and how it can be used. Get better at MicroK8s and Kubernetes!

Alternatively, our Tutorials section contains step-by-step tutorials to help understand what MicroK8s is and how to install it…

If you have a specific goal, but are already familiar with MicroK8s, take a look at our How-to guides. These are more step-by-step practical guides to achieve a specific goal, and whilst complete, assume you have a basic understanding of MicroK8s.

Our Reference section is for finding out things like the specific options for Microk8s commands, finding the notes for a specific release or where specific services run.

Remember, if you have a request for a topic you’d like to see covered, you can follow the link at the bottom of the page and visit the forum to leave us a message, or add feedback directly from the ‘Help us improve’ tab on the right.

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