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MicroK8s community

Welcome to the MicroK8s community!

The rapidly growing MicroK8s community is a diverse bunch of people - developers, Kubernetes admins, inventors, researchers, students… you’ll find MicroK8s everywhere people have a need for a reliable, flexible, extensible, secure, timely version of upstream Kubernetes. The MicroK8s team recognise the important role each user plays in the success of the project as a whole and how valuable your contributions are.

Do you have questions?

There is a vibrant and active community on the Kubernetes discourse forum, with plenty of knowledgeable users happy to give advice and answer questions. If you have questions about MicroK8s, you can post them in the special Microk8s category, which is also home to our documentation.

Our commitment to you - we may not always be able to answer your questions, but we promise to respond within three working days.

Found a bug?

MicroK8s is developed in the open. You can always track what is going on with development by tracking the developments on github. This is also the best place to file a bug if you find one, or of course you are welcome to contribute to the code also.

Our commitment to you - we monitor the issues on github regularly and we aim to triage all bug reports within three working days.

Making an Addon?

Much of what makes MicroK8s great is the array of addons which have been created, making it easier to use Kubernetes technologies that you want without requiring them for all users. MicroK8s addons are the best way to extend the core functionality of your node or cluster and while many addons have been created by the core team the vast majority have been contributed by partners or developers just like you.

There is nothing to stop you making your own addons and deploying them for your own use, anytime.There are instructions for making addons in the main code repository if you want to give it a try and if you think other may want to use it, you can just make a pull request on the same repository.

Our commitment to you - the addons repository is very active and closely monitored. We won’t just rubberstamp any new addon - there are standards which must be applied, but we do promise that every new PR will be given feedback within three working days.

Have something to share? Want to see what others are up to?

The MicroK8s team schedule regular community hours. Everyone is welcome to join and find out what the team are up to, share ideas or show off some interesting uses of MicroK8s. For the upcoming schedule and more details, please check out the MicroK8s meetup group.

Contributing to docs?

Our documentation is extremely important to us and is actively maintained by the entire team. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved though. Every page in the documentation has a link at the bottom of the page which leads to the Kubernetes discourse forum post relating to that page. Here you can comment on the page or, with enough privileges on the site, correct or improve the pages directly.

Our commitment to you: Comments are usually read daily. If it needs a reply, you will have one within three working days, but please file actual bugs against the MicroK8s repository.

Code of conduct

Building a fair, open and inclusive community is important to us. We think adopting a code of conduct is a sensible way to make sure that everybody participating understands what the expectations and obligations are. The MicroK8s team adopts the Ubuntu Code of Conduct 2.0, and we use these as the guidelines for participation.

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