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Addon: Kata

Homepage: https://katacontainers.io/
From MicroK8s version: 1.22+
Supported arch: amd64

Kata Containers, is used to build a secure container runtime with lightweight virtual machines that feel and perform like containers, but provide stronger workload isolation using hardware virtualization technology as a second layer of defense. You can enable kata support with:

microk8s enable kata

The addon adds the kata runtimeClassName that allows you to specify what workloads should be started in Kata containers. For instance, the following manifest starts nginx in a Kata container:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
    app: kata
  name: nginx-kata
  runtimeClassName: kata
    - name: nginx
      image: nginx

By default the addon will install the Kata runtime via the kata-containers snap. Alternatively, you can set the path of the where kata runtime is installed using the --runtime-path argument. The path you provide should include the kata-runtime binary:

microk8s enable kata --runtime-path=/path/to/runtime

On multi-node clusters the microk8s enable kata has to be called on each node so that the kata runtime gets enabled ont the desired nodes.

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