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Addon: shifu

Compatibility: amd64 arm64
Source: See Shifu website for details.

Shifu is a Kubernetes native, production-grade, protocol & vendor agnostic IoT development framework. Its main features include:

Kubernetes native — developing your application while managing your devices, spare the need for maintaining an additional O&M infrastructure

Open Platform* — No vendor lock-in. You can easily deploy Shifu on the edge(from RaspberryPi to edge clusters) or on the cloud(public, private and hybrid cloud are all supported).

Protocol agnostic — HTTP, MQTT, RTSP, Siemens S7, TCP socket, OPC UA…The microservice architecture of Shifu enables it to quickly adapt to new protocols.


To enable the addon:

microk8s enable shifu

The addon can be disabled at any time with:

microk8s disable shifu


To learn more about shifu visit:

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