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Addon: Sosivio

Compatibility: amd64 classic
Source: https://sosiv.io/

Sosivio is your Kubernetes “Life Jacket”. It offers:

  • Eventless Failure Prediction. Real-time Root Cause Determination. State of the art AI recognizes a root cause event in real time and prevents it from materializing into a failure.

  • Automated Failure Resolution. Sosivio knows the fix and will implement it for you.

  • On the Fly Analysis. Proprietary data collectors and analyzers that can keep up with the Velocity, Variety, and Volume of data, without the resource drain.

  • Agentless Approach YAA. Completely non-intrusive to your environment. Deployed as Yet Another Application meaning no agents, side-cars, or broken artifacts.

Enable the addon with:

microk8s enable sosivio

Head to the official sosivio site for your next steps.

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